A Note From Addison

With thirty-plus years of writing and performing, and six original albums, I am a competent entertainer offering serious and comedic works.  My listeners will enjoy a variety of songs, in a number of genres, chosen according to my sense of writer’s privilege and reflection upon life's truths.   

My performances and entire life, in fact, have one intention: to spread love and joy, together with spiritual energy to whomever wants to receive it. I believe in simplicity of wording steeped in emotion that can be expressed through melodies, phrasing, timing, pitch, tone and inflection.   

I believe in the endless definition of community.  My songs reflect common challenges and circumstances that can unite us as brothers and sisters, things like: Joy, enthusiasm, discouragement, setbacks and death; Gifts such as children, family, humour and spirituality; Challenges, both physical and emotional: and yes,... My songs address one of the greatest entendre, the foundation of a million songs...LOVE.   

You can expect to hear deeply personal but decidedly universal composition.   

Think: if I may be so bold: Prine, Kristofferson, Cash, Robins, Taylor, Stevens, Cohen and Roger Miller.   

Think: Spiritual energy mixed with laugh out loud humour.   

Think: Traditions of Folk roots, Canadiana and Americana, Acoustic kitchen sounds of the Canadian east coast, and think country and country/bluegrass gospel.   

In listening you will find truth like you may not have heard before.  You will find the uniqueness of... well...ME.   

Thank You,   

-Addison Locke

Sis's Take on ADDISON!

Addison was named after his grandfather, Locke Addison.  Growing up in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, provided his inspiration for many of his songs.  

In is late teens he got his first guitar (black) playing any spare minute he could find. He quickly realized his own creativity started writing right away.

Both his family and community loved his stories of childhood in the writing of his earlier songs such as: Waiting For Another Chance; Mamma's Angel Tree; Black Guitar; This Town is Growing; Silver Hill Road and Murray's Kitchen Door to name a few.  A motivator of LOVE and laughter was expressed in his writing and true to who he has always been!  

While life has taken him in different directions, he has never stopped writing, singing, and playing wherever and whenever someone would be his audience.  

In 1993 he was offered a singing opportunity in Nashville however, he had just became a dad and like any loving father and husband, he chose to focus on his family at the time.  

While hard to believe its been over 33 years and his LOVE and passion of writing and entertaining is stronger than ever. 

No two performances are ever the same as his songs are beyond awesome as his writing skills takes his audience to a place of relate with memories and experiences of their own. There is an indescribable connection with his audiences through the words of his songs and stories that have everyone captured in understanding, compassion, tears and laughter.

Addison is charismatic, charming, real and totally humble to his audiences. In his own words during a show, “I LOVE to give LOVE, I LOVE to receive LOVE and through the words of my songs you will come to know the real me and that, I LOVE you all”.   

He is a big pride and joy of our family, especially his one and only MAMMA!!  Addison was born as the 6th child of 7 and the younger of mamma's only 2 boys. We LOVE him and so will you!

One show of Addison is never enough as he can be related to as a little of Johnny Cash, John Prine, Johnny Reid, "Stompin" Tom Connors, Tommy Hunter, Leonard Cohen, Garth Brooks and his gospel writing is reviving.

Enjoy his LOVE by listening to him daily... Share his LOVE when you can.

My Brother my friend.......Addison Locke!! 

Big SIS, Nancy