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Addison was named after his grandfather, Locke Addison Silver.  Growing up on Silver Hill Road in Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia, provided the inspiration for many of his songs.  "SILVER HILL ROAD" and "MAMAS ANGEL TREE" are among the many.  

The first time he picked up a guitar he fell in love.  He would play and write early morning and late nights, before and after work.  He realized his own creativity and had fun with it!  He never stopped.  He always takes on projects with passion and wants to see himself at his full potential. 

While life has taken him in different directions, he has never stopped writing, singing, and playing wherever and whenever someone would be his audience.  

In 1993 he was offered a singing opportunity in Nashville.  However, like any loving father and husband, he chose to focus on his family.  

With over 32 years of experience behind him, his love and passion of his music is evident.  Addison's love for writing is just as strong as it has always been. 

He is known for charisma and charm while remaining humble to his audience.  In his own words, “I live to receive the love and I live to give the love and through the words of my songs you know me and you also know that I love you all”.   

He is a big pride and joy of his family, especially his one and only MAMMA!!  Addison was born as the 6th child of 7 and the younger of 2 boys. 

We hope you enjoy him though his love of music and this site.  Addison appreciates your love and support and hopes to meet you one day.  

Share the love with Addison Locke!! 

Nancy D Silver

A Note From Addison

With thirty-plus years of writing and performing, and six original albums, I am a competent entertainer offering serious and comedic works.  My listeners will enjoy a variety of songs, in a number of genres, chosen according to my sense of writer’s privilege and reflection upon life's truths.   

My performances and entire life, in fact, have one intention: to spread love and joy, together with spiritual energy to whomever wants to receive it. I believe in simplicity of wording steeped in emotion that can be expressed through melodies, phrasing, timing, pitch, tone and inflection.   

I believe in the endless definition of community.  My songs reflect common challenges and circumstances that can unite us as brothers and sisters, things like: Joy, enthusiasm, discouragement, setbacks and death; Gifts such as children, family, humour and spirituality; Challenges, both physical and emotional: and yes,... My songs address one of the greatest entendre, the foundation of a million songs...LOVE.   

You can expect to hear deeply personal but decidedly universal composition.   

Think: if I may be so bold: Prine, Kristofferson, Cash, Robins, Taylor, Stevens, Cohen and Roger Miller.   

Think: Spiritual energy mixed with laugh out loud humour.   

Think: Traditions of Folk roots, Canadiana and Americana, Acoustic kitchen sounds of the Canadian east coast, and think country and country/bluegrass gospel.   

In listening you will find truth like you may not have heard before.  You will find the uniqueness of... well...ME.   

Thank You,   

-Addison Locke